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Why is online business not lucrative in Africa? - Low Internet

Every time someone asks me this question I just answer: “Ohhh Uhmm…. Do you really need to know?” Abulu(old man in Kirikou) would have answered: It’s just hard to explain what is going on, but I have been into the field long enough to run short of an answer. In fact, I have my own answers of the problem and I strongly believe that many of you will agree with that. Ivoirians says: “There is no eyeless than one that refuses to see”. Nothing is stable in Africa at all, particularly in West Afr

Why is online business not lucrative in Africa? Problem #2 Electricity problems

What disgraces Africa the most is shortage of electricity supply, ahoo choo. I just don’t know how to formulate this one. Let me narrate you a bit of my experiences. When I was in Cotonou (Benin republic), four (04) months ago, I nearly gave up from using computer (my career). The reason is simple: I hope you understand what is happening there? And the day “they” are in “bad mood”, they do take the light for the whole day. Due to all these, I decided to relocate to Ghana (Accra), the best c

Why is online business not lucrative in Africa? Problem #3 Impact of Politics

The third problem that comes to destroy everything is this one. Don’t laugh, I beg. All this happens because of politics or may I call it “financial polygamy”; they are people who want to do and have everything for them alone. Read the previous part here: Why is online business not lucrative in Africa? Problem #2 Electricity problems But, let me talk of only what we are concerned with. I really believe that electricity and internet problems in Africa are caused by our governments. If our go

Why is online business not lucrative in Africa? Problem #4 Social education

It is clear to everyone today that most African population are not educated. I am not talking of going to school to read books. Far away from that, I am talking of social education. People should know what they have as resources, how to manage it and sustain it. In this new ecosystem we are living now, most people still do not know what they deserve and what their rights are. They don’t know what advantages they can have out of it. You can imagine, until now having a simple computer is still a